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Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:33 pm

we can also take our recyclable stuff to the local 'container park' : every town has one of these places (run by the town coucil) where we can bring the stuff that can be recycled : plastic, metal, glass, construction rubble, paper, wood, etc...etc... the place is filled with large containers, one for each kind of rubbish. You'll be amazed what a modern human being is throwing away, so you can imagine that every now and then I'm even bringing stuff I find over there back home :wink: (the guys working there already know me, so they don't really mind me roaming through the containers, as long as the boss doesn't see it :lol: )

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Tue May 23, 2006 8:32 pm

I hate those tetrapaks. But husband loves the Innocent smoothies and buys organic orange juice etc which only comes in those packs. He tries to buy recyclable plastic where possible.

Thought Shirl's links were interesting. Instead of moving towards reusable packaging, a leading smoothie maker is calling for consumers to do the work for them to lobby the councils to do tetrapak recycling. What cheek!

They are asking us consumers to do the legwork while they continue to rake in the profits! Why don't they do some research and see how many of their current customers would buy smoothie in glass bottles just so they can be recycled?

They are not 'going glass' because they are afraid of losing market share and it appears to me that this letter campaign is just putting on a show of caring for the environment.

So pleased my husband is now 'off' those smoothie tetrapaks.
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