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Wed May 17, 2006 5:11 pm

I would wait - as long as it's hot, it's active. Once it starts cooling down, turning it (and exposing it to air) should activate it again, and if you are lucky, it'll heat up another time.
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Re: worms

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Sun May 28, 2006 3:57 pm

elfcurry wrote:I'm glad you told him Mandyz. 8)

I just spotted a BBC page ( which reports attempts to encourage urban wormeries and composting.

Some people commenting on that page had trouble with rats in their compost. Anyone here had that problem or is it due to poor practise?
nearly all the local councils now offer heavily discounted compost bins - normally abut £5-6 for the 330 litre size, if you stick your postcode in here it should tell you what you can get.

wormeries are harder to get discounted - in Sussex they offer the wheelybin type for £35 instead of £60, but I'm still wondering if its just as easy to make one with trays and some wire mesh.

Apparantly the main reason for rats in the heap is putting foodstuffs, especially meat, on it - which isn't mean to be a good idea anyway. I still throw meat bits in the bin although I'm not sure if the wormery might cope Ok with it, I keep reading conflicting advice about whether its OK or not.

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