Coffee cup paper making

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Coffee cup paper making

Post: # 195846Post surlymonkey
Mon May 10, 2010 9:15 am

For all you coffee drinkers, here's a great way to make your own paper. Link leads to Instructables Living:

Btw, this is a great site for recycling virtually anything.

Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Re: Coffee cup paper making

Post: # 214707Post Treelover
Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:07 pm

i reuse old envelopes to make my own paper; great project with kids. and my frame and deckle are old picture frames with net curtain stapled onto the deckle [which method i also use to make a screen printing frame]. i have made paper from first principles from grass, sweetcorn husks and banana skins and i do NOT recomment the last; it stinks to high heaven and takes months to dry out properly and is brittle even so. haven't tied nettles yet - haven't woven with them either - because the nettles the butterflies don't use i tend to eat, at least while they're still tender. old nettles are no use to man nor beast except as liquid fertiliser.[did you wonder if i was having a nettle problem?]

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