Freecycle (love it)

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Re: Freecycle (love it)

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I use it myself both giving and receiving.
Recently my wife said that someone had an old Voigtlander camera on freecycle and was I interested (I've got a small collection of old cameras)? Yes I said and arriving home that evening was an absolute mint camera still in it's box , never used and still with the original reciept for £54 8 6d from 1963. Checking a site that converts to present day values gives a value of around £750! Not that I'm going to sell it , when I get the time I'll run a film through it.
When my parents died earlier this year we put several things on freecycle and answered a few wanted posts as well , but , some things weren't taken so my wife put them on e-bay instead and they attracted several bids and sold. Nowt as strange as folk.


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