Re-tinning a cooking pot

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Re-tinning a cooking pot

Post: # 267086Post Green Aura
Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:06 pm

Safronsue's post about her copper pot reminded me. A couple of years ago I made a fleabay purchase (who me? :lol: ) of a beautiful old Indian brass cooking pot. It is perfect for cooking a full meal (dal, rice and vegetables/meat slowly on the boiler/woodburner. It's an Annapurna Cooking Co. No. 3 pot - and it's fabulous. I'll post some pictures later, if I can find them.

But it needs re-tinning.

I Googled it and,apart from the fact that it uses some ingredients I wouldn't generally have lying around :roll: it looked quite manageable. In fact I read that you can get it done by some bloke on a market stall if you live in the right place - which quite obviously I don't.

OH is adamant this is too difficult a job for us and needs doing professionally but another quick Google shows I'll have to send the bloody thing off to somewhere in the Borders. So a dear do all round - the ingredients (again care of fleabay) would not be too expensive.

Anyway, after all that waffle - has anyone done this? Is it as easy as it appears? Or have I just bought the largest piece of ornamental brassware imaginable? :roll: :lol:

If Safronsue's pot is salvageable it might be of use to her too.

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Re: Re-tinning a cooking pot

Post: # 270689Post mrsflibble
Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:49 pm

never heard of being able to do this, but am wondering if renenamelling is possible too?!
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