Seaweed & Eat It by Xa Milne & Fiona Houston

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Seaweed & Eat It by Xa Milne & Fiona Houston

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Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:01 am

I bought this book a couple of weeks back & found it most interesting. It is a book on forraging written by two people who live in the city & although there is a lot about seafoods in there it does cover land foods as well & with the book there is also journal entries which give it a more personal touch & it also tells you how to use the foods you've harvested. There is a downside as it doesn't follow anything about nuts & the printing errors in the copy I've got does make me a little confused with the recipes & annoyed with the general lack of spelling of latin names but generally it is a really good book.

8/10 needs nuts & printing/spelling correction
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