Bike Easy - by Peter Andrews

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Bike Easy - by Peter Andrews

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Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:17 am

When I first started reading this book I was not entirely sure of what to think of it, it seed a little patronising. As I read on I remembered the title -Bike easy - Top tips for the new cyclist. It is not a book for someone who has traveled hundreds of miles on a bike but a book that sets out to do exactly what it suggests.

I warmed to this book after that moment of epiphany and it does have tips for all cyclists not just new ones. For instance -
If you make a regular journey by bike, leave lock number 2 at your destination. [So you don't have to carry it.]
In all the turmoil of an urban rush hour it's easy to forget that traffic is just people (albeit people in charge of a couple of tons of metal). Lots of them trying to get somewhere..... .... Occasionally, when other road users are impolite or do stupid things, it's tempting to gesticulate or lash out in some way. My advice is to refrain. Let it go..... Get angry is distracting and wastes energy.
Perhaps not ground breaking tips but I am sure that most cyclists new and old will find something in this book that jumps out at them and makes them go "ooh, good idea".

So that'sBike Easy by Peter Andrews.
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