Shapes:Natures Patterns:tapestry in three parts. P Ball

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Shapes:Natures Patterns:tapestry in three parts. P Ball

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Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:04 pm

When I was at uni I started getting interested in the way all living things grow especially shells and trees and why and how a flower produces a stem or bud in a particular place. Studying engineering :oops:(sooo boring) and not pyhsics I promised myself I would one day get into all the stuff Im interested in at a deeper level.
Recently came accross this remarkable little book published by the Oxford University Press and cannot put it down.

So if youv ever wondered why and how bubbles get together and how this relates to hexagonal honeycomb patterns formed by honey bees (which unlike me you probably havnt because Im a nerd and your not) then this is the book for you. :iconbiggrin:
Looks like a good detailed chapter on the mathematics of a daisy which is all about how your garden grows.
There is a bit of maths but nothing scary :iconbiggrin:
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