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Herbal Handbook For Farm and Stable

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 7:13 pm
by stargazer
Herbal Handbook For Farm and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

I picked up the original 1952 copy of this book recently, although you can get the reprints online. The author travelled across the world learning herbal treatments, living with peasants and gipsies. She writes - "I have written this book to share my knowledge with others, and above all to conserve the medical teachings of the gipsies and the old-time herbalists, whose invaluble work scornful modern medicine is entirely destroying."

The book covers the gathering and preparation of herbs, a large list of the plants used and their uses and chapters on treatments for sheep, goats, cows, horses, poultry and sheepdogs. The information in this book is so valuable, there are bound to be other books with the same herbal information in but she writes so well and it has so much common sense in. Her focus is on giving animals a healthy, natural as possible life so that they will rarely get ill, she points out that health is the natural condition and any treatments should be holistic. Well worth getting hold of a copy, I got it for the information on poultry but it has loads of useful tips all through it.