Reclaim, recyle, reuse - Alan B Hayes

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Reclaim, recyle, reuse - Alan B Hayes

Post: #54163 Wombat
Sat Apr 14, 2007 11:33 am

An Aussie book printed in 1992 by Sally Milner Publishing.

Contents include Sound environmental practices; energy efficient homes; cleaning and cleansing; around the home; first aid and toiletries; family pets and household pests; chemical free gardens and extraction of oils and essences.

It is a great little book with lots of stuff on retrofit to make your house more energy efficient and lots of formulae for home made cleaners and stuff including making soap from scratch.

Well worth a look! and yes I have a spare copy. anyone interested PM me and it's yours!

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Post: #54172 the.fee.fairy
Sat Apr 14, 2007 12:09 pm

I've got a little booklet by Nicky someone...same person who wrote the composting for all leaflet.
It snot got all the recipes and stuff in it, but it does have excellent tips for recycle, reuse and reduce.

The plastics is quite interesting. Apparently, in the UK, you can send the plastic covering that magazines sometimes come in to a company who reuse them! It also says that in Germany, people have started leaving packaging at supermarkets to make them reuse/recycle it! Sounds like a good plan.

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