what's left - Nick Cohen

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what's left - Nick Cohen

Post: #57727 Andy Hamilton
Thu May 17, 2007 8:04 pm

Ok not a book review yet as I have a stack of books to get through. When I get a chance I quite like the look of "What's left" by Nick Cohen. Here is a bit of blurb -

Why is it that apologies for a militant Islam that stands for everything the liberal-Left is against come from a section of the Left? Why can't those who say they support the Palestinian cause tell you what type of Palestine they would like to see? As he tours the follies of the Left, Nick Cohen asks us to reconsider what it means to be liberal in this confused and topsy-turvy time.

anyone read it?
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Post: #59943 catalyst
Sat Jun 02, 2007 4:54 pm

i havent read it, but i am sure the rise of militant islam is helped to gain ground all over the world by a militaristic right-wing christian US. hate breeds hate. if my family was blown up by a US/UK cluster bomb, I would find it hard in my heart to oppose any organisation that promoted anti US/UK beliefs, especially if UK/US companies were making a packet 'rebuilding' my country/area/region in the shape of their own messed up society, whilst stealing the resources.
i think most 'liberals' dont argue pro-islam, but anti-anti-islam. and are against the removal of our civil liberties to 'protect' us from 'terrorists', who in turn have been manufactured by US behaviour throughout the world.
its a minefield!

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