Vegetable Growing Month by Month By John Harrison

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Vegetable Growing Month by Month By John Harrison

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Mon May 12, 2008 9:55 am

I got this one free as a review copy after having some correspondence with the author. He did come across as a good bloke which is why I was delighted to find that he writes in a similar way to Dave and I hope we have written our book. You really feel like you chatting away to John as you turn the pages.

If you have an old man on your allotment site who just seems to be able to anwser every question then this is what you will find in this book. To open the book at a random page and read about blight, "PHYTOPHTHORA INFESTANS, and spread by airborne spores, developing when the weather conditions are correct. Spread is very rapid throughout the crop when temperatures are above 10c and humidity over 75 per cent for two days or more, known as the smith period"....

There is a lack of illustrations in this book, but do you really need them when the descriptions are so illustrative? IN short this is a very good solid guide to some of the basics and not so basics of vegetable growing.

I have seen it for next to nothing at amazon. or if you want to buy a signed copy direct from the author go tohis website.
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