making a bit of dosh for christmas!

You all seem to be such proficient chefs. Well here is a place to share some of that cooking knowledge. Or do you have a cooking problem? Ask away. Jams and chutneys go here too.
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Re: making a bit of dosh for christmas!

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As said I am not in the UK, I am not selling food either, sorry I caused any fuss. After some thought I realised that I do actually have a food handling certificate from a previous job. It took about 2 hours and a very easy test to get it so if I have worried anyone please stop now! Local councils are usually quite helpful about this kind of thing.
There is a different attitude to this kind of thing here, anything 'homemade' is considered better than shop bought.
Yesterday we stopped at a shopping mall and inside there was a lady with a little table selling eggs, curd tarts and curd cheese, I stopped and bought some eggs then put them in the trolley went round the supermarket and did my shopping. At the end I just pointed to the old ladyand the checkout didn't bat an eyelid. It is not an unsophisticated country it just seems to be able to cope with both sytems.

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Re: making a bit of dosh for christmas!

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i dont there is any fush or bad feeling - just discussing it really. :icon_smile:

I definitely consider homemade better than shop - and prefer to eat things that have a limited shelf life rather than be so filled with preservatives that it can sit on the supermarket shelf for months - its quite horrible when you think of it - gi ven how the shops are already full of thingymas foods..they will sit around for months...ew...

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Re: making a bit of dosh for christmas!

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boboff wrote:I hope Cameron and his "health & Safety" review do something about this. The rules are daft, misapplied, and contra intelligent.

We can buy Hot Dogs and Bacon Butties of some fat sweaty arse scratching, fag smoking greese ball at a Car auction, out the back of a delipidated £500 wagon, but can't by a victoria sponge of a Mrs Bucket at the WI who made it in her £20,000 magnet kitchen? Look at the person, look at the food, if it don't look right it ain't right, I personally don't need to see a certificate to allow me to make that choice, and I object to over officious individuals telling that I am too stupid to make that choice.
Horses for courses,Boboff,at our local auction the arse scratcher sells hot dogs AND victoria sponges and I always have both!

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Re: making a bit of dosh for christmas!

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Indeed, it's almost like a winter "Salmonella & Listeria" top up Jab!!! I do object to the Colliforms though, as really they should wash there hands after number two's!

Millymollymandy wrote:Bloody smilies, always being used. I hate them and they should be banned.
No I won't use a smiley because I've decided to turn into Boboff, as he's turned all nice all of a sudden. Grumble grumble.

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