Mint sauce recipe please

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Mint sauce recipe please

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Hi All,

My mint plants are going mad this summer and I would like to make some mint sauce for the winter. Any tried and tested recipes would be great!

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Re: Mint sauce recipe please

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My mum taught me about a recipe her grandmother used.... Chop up a load of mint, add some sugar to taste, and some vinegar... Just normal table vinegar, to get it to the right consistency for your liking. If you like it hot, you could add some cayenne pepper!

In fact, does anyone know how you would you go about making mint jelly?

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Re: Mint sauce recipe please

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mint jelly
you need to make a apple jelly then add chopped mint close to the end

chop apples skin seeds cores the lot cover with water
simmer for 1 hour
drain though jelly bag add
1 kg sugar to every 1 litre a always put in some vingar to
boil to seting point
add chopped mint

that how my mum showed me how to make mint sauce to
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Re: Mint sauce recipe please

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Mint Sauce

Agreed just vineger and chopped mint, with Sugar, Salt and lemon juice to taste, I would heat and the jar, but the heating does turn the mint brown.

On the mint Jelly, I would first off boil the chopped mint and vinegar with as much as half of the sugar and leave for at least a day, so the Sugar really soaks into the mint, you will find this will stop all the mint floating to the top of the Jelly.
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