Potato Juice

You all seem to be such proficient chefs. Well here is a place to share some of that cooking knowledge. Or do you have a cooking problem? Ask away. Jams and chutneys go here too.
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Re: Potato Juice

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I have seen frozen mashed potatoes in the shops, though I have never eaten them - could you cook, mash and freeze at home, or would that process require lots of unwanted additives? I freeze dishes with potato topping successfully, so it might work. Any large quantity would take up a lot of freezer space I guess.

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Re: Potato Juice

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I freeze left-over mash all the time. It's fine - in fact, I think it's nicer after freezing; it goes fluffier when you reheat it.

As Durgan's garden is only productive for three months out of the year (see 'Killing The Kids' thread), I imagine that he has a freezer the size of Nova Scotia. Durgan does like his electrical gadgets.
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Re: Potato Juice

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I also freeze mash potatoe. Dosn't need any additives. Just normal mash.
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Re: Potato Juice

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Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I couldn't help myself! :lol:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/artic ... lcers.html


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Re: Potato Juice

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Wow that is apt!

Amazing, Durgans a miracle cure guy now too!
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