You all seem to be such proficient chefs. Well here is a place to share some of that cooking knowledge. Or do you have a cooking problem? Ask away. Jams and chutneys go here too.
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There are quite a few variations and developments on the original muesli - does anyone else bother make there own?

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Re: Mueslie

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Yup, I always make my own. The recipe varies depending on the ingredients I've got in and the amount of time I can spend on making it.

At its most basic -
1 kg oats
500g sultanas
250g slivered almonds

To that (if I have them) I add (approx)
100g coconut slivers
100g pumpkin seeds
100g flaxseeds
100g sunflower seeds
and I might increase the sultanas or add other fruit.

If I have more time (rare these days) I soak the oats overnight in kefir (or water with a drop of lemon juice), then dehydrate them and make the muesli - the best!

No matter how it's made I serve it with kefir and half a chopped apple, banana or pear. OH has the other half. :iconbiggrin:

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Re: Mueslie

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oats and any thing else I got layer around even the same twice
Darn that Wabbit

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Re: Mueslie

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Definitely. I have porridge oats with chopped dates soaked overnight in soya milk, then in the morning I add toasted rolled wheat, fresh fruit of the day, toasted flaked almonds and a big dollop of yoghurt.
Winter time it's pretty much the same except the porridge is hot.

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Re: Mueslie

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I usually add chopped apples, hazelnuts and raisins to my oats in the morning, but often vary it with other fruit and nuts.

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Re: Mueslie

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I've noticed that different places in the world use different terms for muesli-type breakfasts. To me, muesli is a mostly whole-grain-based breakfast cereal that's eaten cold with milk. Some people eat their muesli soaked (which we call Bircher-style, I think, but I don't like it that way). In Australia, muesli comes in "toasted" and "untoasted" varieties, where the toasted kind usually has extra sugar and oil and stuff to make it sweeter and, um, toastier. What we call "toasted muesli" I think they call "granola" in the US, though granola implies that it's somewhat chunky/clustered, allowed to form little lumps.

Anyway! Having said that, I make my own untoasted muesli which I eat with yoghurt and fruit each morning. The recipe is pretty vague, but it's about 60% rolled oats, 20% bran cereal that comes in a sort of wormy shape, and 20% other stuff -- dried fruit and nuts, depending on what's available/cheap/in the pantry. The current batch has sultanas, dried peaches, banana chips, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Pretty simple!

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