101 ways to improve my memory - PLEASE

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Re: 101 ways to improve my memory - PLEASE

Post: #288366 Weedo
Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:25 pm

In regards to us becoming more intolerant of wheat we need to remember that the wheat we grow now is vastly different from the wheat grown 50 -100 years ago. Demands from industry and the consumer has led to ongoing breeding of wheats that contain ever higher levels of glutens (wheat proteins). The glutens are what makes doughs "elastic" and create the fine white high quality bread products we demand today. Premiums are paid to growers for prime hard wheats which are high in proteins - similar to premiums paid for milk high in fats. Blame the consumer not the grower, they are only providing the product the market demands - farmers are in the business of making money, not growing food.

As an aside, at least in Australia Glyphosate is not generally used as a dessicant - it is just too slow acting for that (takes at least 2 weeks for full effect) and will stop grain development within 24 hours - the product works by stopping the photosynthesis process and starves the plant to death. More likely the Bypyridilliums are used, most of which are highly toxic; these products break the surface cell walls leading to rapid moisture loss and desication - takes about 8 hours for full effect - kills top growth but not root systems. These products are in common use in the EU. In potatoes, use of Glyphosate would kill the tubers and they would decay rapidly.
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Re: 101 ways to improve my memory - PLEASE

Post: #288368 Green Aura
Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:26 am

Weedo wrote:Blame the consumer not the grower

A little naive Weedo. There was no major demand for pappy white sliced bread until the Chorleywood method and the wheat growers lobby met the marketing bods and produced Wonder Bread.

Most current day food "demands" have been created by a large producer lobby and marketing professionals, not evolution.

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Re: 101 ways to improve my memory - PLEASE

Post: #288371 bonniethomas06
Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:15 am

It's tricky isn't it, this issue of where responsibility lies in the supply chain. I don't blame farmers at all for the woes of modern food production - I blame the supermarkets and large food distributors like Unilever.

They claim to be just supplying what the consumer wants but the fact is the consumer doesn't know what they want until they are told they want it by the supermarkets, with the weight of multimillion pound marketing campaigns behind them.
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Re: 101 ways to improve my memory - PLEASE

Post: #288373 Odsox
Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:35 am

Weedo wrote:These products are in common use in the EU. In potatoes, use of Glyphosate would kill the tubers and they would decay rapidly.

There's an interesting article on Glyphosate .. http://www.glyphosate.eu/system/files/s ... e_en_1.pdf
In the EU we use Glyphosate to "ripen"; wheat, barley, oats, rye, rape, pulses and potatoes. The only crops listed that don't get sprayed are maize and sugar beet.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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