........ plastic 4 pint milk bottles

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Re: ........ plastic 4 pint milk bottles

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How about a goat?

They seem pretty good at storing milk :lol:

I'd quite like to get my hands on glass bottles, and a glass cutting kit, cut the necks off the bottles to make a drinking glass. Grind the rim to a smooth surface and then sell as recycled product.

Not sure how the dairy would feel about this venture but it would bring down the cost of the milk :cheers:

There are only so many places we can hide plastic bottles, in hundreds of different guises but still quite ugly. Then what? We need to be able to refill containers, as in the old days, and like I do for my ecover washing up liquid.

Has anyone tried filling the plastic bottles with a lime / cement type filler that hardens, to give a solid block, to use in construction, like glass bottles and cans used in Earthships?

I had hundreds of these containers awaiting inspiration, then the council began recycling and suddenly my garage was clear again :lol:

I want a goat :duckie:
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Re: ........ plastic 4 pint milk bottles

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Annpan wrote:Yes, Thomzo on here used a needle to etch or pinprick the writing onto the plastic, it seemed to work, but I haven't found the need myself. HTH
Cheers, Ann, yes I did. I wrote the plant name first with permanent marker then used a large needle to prick out the letters. The marker washed off quickly but the pinpricks remain and are still readable several years later. Only worth it if you want to label shrubs or trees though. A bit pointless for annuals :wink:

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Re: ........ plastic 4 pint milk bottles

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walicei wrote:I use cut up plastic milk bottles as plant labels but after a few weeks the permanent marker has washed off. Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this?
I have never used milk bottles for labels, but ordinary plant labels suffer from the same problem and the simple answer for those is to use a pencil.
A year later they are still readable and have to be scrubbed with one of those green scourers so that you can reuse them.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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