101 things that make life amazing

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Waking up in the morning and seeing a carpet of fog over everything then watching as is slowly clears to reveal a glorious sunny autumn day, with the clearest blue sky

Looking out of the windows each day as I open the curtains to see our little bit of paradise and knowing it is all ours!

Walking into the paddocks to tend to all the animals and have 8 lovely boer goats charge up to you for a smooch (they're probably looking for food really), getting a cuddle from our handreared dexter cow, having all the chooks milling round your feed waiting to be fed, and knowing that those animals are well cared for and that they trust you enough to let them enter their world.

Having a hearty dinner that you have produced yourself.

Watching our son gradually changing from a boy to a decent young man, especially as he brought me a cup of tea and a box of chocs for Mothers day this morning (NZ mothers day!)

Ad most importantly...waking up 'Alive' each day! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Fizzy Izzy
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Barbara Good
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Milims wrote: 41 That just when you think life has all gone completely pear shaped and could never possibly get any better because its so awful- a miracle happens and you realise that things ain't so bad after all
I can totally agree with that - I just had an awful weekend where I felt so low and cried a lot... I've had a really difficult year. Then these past two days have been some of the best in months! I got a phone call telling me that I got a job (despite the fact my interview went badly) and I feel like everything is ok and I can relax again :)

I'm not sure where we are up to with numbers, but today was really warm, but rainy, so I'm going to add a rather soppy suggestion: kissing in the summer rain :love3:
Smile :)


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Tom Good
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Fizzy Izzy wrote:I got a phone call telling me that I got a job (despite the fact my interview went badly) and I feel like everything is ok and I can relax again :)

Oh that is brilliant news!

I'll add getting to see a double rainbow, one of the clearest I've ever seen, which looked like it landed in my allotment :D

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Living the good life
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Walking in dry rain, doesn't seem to happen so much now though :(

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Re: Littlebluefish and the rainbow:
I saw the most amazing rainbow the other day - it spanned and encompassed a village and the river mouth where it opens out to the sea, between two hills. It was also the widest rainbow I'd ever seen - and a triple to boot!! Stunning! :mrgreen: Rainbows have to be the coolest of mother natures exhibits - but then there's also the Northern Lights which we see here sometimes - amazing!
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Tom Good
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They truly are. Ours was in our 'five valleys' between all the hills, and I did take a photo which I will upload, honest.

It just totally uplifted my day.

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Tom Good
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I think we're up to 56?

56. Being woken up in the morning by my son with a big kiss and a 'I love you mammy' (makes it easier to cope with a 6am start :wink: )
57. Listening to calls to prayer coming from all the mosques in the area, at dawn, on a still summer's day, on a misty morning, in the snow - always magical.
58. Watching our cockerel strut his stuff and jump up to the highest point in order to let the whole valley know where he is. :king:
59. That feeling of achievement of finally managing to communicate and be understood in a new language
60. Having good neighbours who will help you out anytime, and who will sell you a bottle of fresh milk at any time of day or night!
61. A chilled glass of champagne after not having tasted it in a long time. Can't beat that taste :wink:
62. Having no mortgage :cheers:

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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63 The sense of achievement when i get my jam to set.

64 Looking at a line of washing blowing in the breeze.

65 Putting the very last piece into a jig-saw puzzle.

66 Seeing my child cycle alone after spending weeeks teaching him.

67 Seeing my child attend his first day at school.

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68 my daughter picking up words like a parrot.
oh how I love my tea, tea in the afternoon. I can't do without it, and I think I'll have another cup very
ve-he-he-he-heryyyyyyy soooooooooooon!!!!

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