Pushed into a corner or what!

Any issues with what nappies to buy, home schooling etc. In fact if you have kids or are planning to this is the section for you.
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Re: Pushed into a corner or what!

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Fri May 14, 2010 9:42 pm

An update.....

I've not heard from them since Sunday :( But that's to be expected - I once made a comment about a boyfriend years ago & she never spoke to me for 8 months!! :lol:

Anyway, I sent her an email today, explaining word for word the conversation as far as I could remember, so she could see it really wasn't quite as sinister as she's probably imagining..
I'm hoping that she will see that although the little one might not say anything in front of her, what is said in her absence can be bloody scary!!
So the olive branch has been held out... we shall wait & see.

Strange isn't it... I didn't know my dad & couldn't talk to my mum - she would go crazy & accuse me of being disloyal - not in so many words, but I'd get things like 'aren't I good enough for you then? Hasn't Fred (my stepdad) given you all you want??' So in the end, I found my Dad when I was 37!! I also got married that week & he gave me away..... I wasn't in touch with my Mum during those 6 months & eventually when we made peace, I had to tell her about both those things, I was NOT popular for the next few years, I can tell you! :lol:

I tried to explain to Gail that unless the curiosity is dealt with early, the whole thing gets blown up in their heads & they start romanticising... I was quite disappointed in the end to find that my Dad was just a regular guy! :mrgreen:

So for now, we wait....... :dontknow:

Thanks everyone for the support, honestly, I don't know what I'd do sometimes without you lot here, or on FB.... because I've almost become a recluse (by choice) it's nice to know that I can still rely on you folks to keep me human! (almost!!) :lol:
The more people I meet, the more I like my garden :wink:

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