Turf Walls

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Turf Walls

Post: #171291 homegrown
Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:30 am

I'm going to try building turf walls as wind breaks around my more vunerable veg but never done this before, any advice or how to websites out there? :dontknow:
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Living the good life
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Re: Turf Walls

Post: #171316 TheGoodEarth
Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:37 am

Start with a broad base and reduce the width the higher you go. You will need a lot of turf! I used turf from a border I created to build a turf sofa in the garden. However we don't sit on it because its full of mouse holes! :shock:
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Living the good life
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Re: Turf Walls

Post: #171535 Jandra
Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:52 am

You can drive sticks through the turfs vertically to stabilize. Like TGE said I'd start broad and make the wall (mound?) narrower as it gets higher.

http://www.skagafjordur.is/upload/files/IX-Turf.pdf may be a useful link.

Good luck, Jandra

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Living the good life
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Re: Turf Walls

Post: #171701 caithnesscrofter
Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:30 am

hello, i wondered the same thing a few years ago! We've since built a lot with turf here. My brother-in-law built an entire horse shelter out of it. I describe the method on my blog. sitdownbymyweefire.blogspot.com look under the label "vernacular building" and yes, there is a book... Called scottish turf construction. You can get it from historic scotlands website. You can build it without anything supporting it. If you cut and build in the growing season it will knit itself together and become very stable in a few months.

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