Larder tips needed

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Larder tips needed

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I didn't want to hijack the other larder-related topic so I thought I'd start my own! My husband & I have just bought a house that's built on a hill. As a result of this there is a small terrace bit at the back of the house & some steps down to the garden. Underneath this terrace is a mini cellar type area that was clearly used for junk by the previous owners. It is south facing so likely to get quite warm but I was wondering whether there was anyway around this? Obviously it'll have to be well insulated somehow but are there any other ways I could keep the heat off? Growing vines or something against the wall for example? It's already just a small space so I don't want to have to fill up the space with insulation!
We haven't even moved in yet so all of this is very 'preliminary ideas' stage! Any advice is very much appreciated!

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Re: Larder tips needed

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Hi and welcome to Ish. :wave: Or should that be croeso :lol:

In answer to larder question, I would suggest living with it for a while before spending money on insulating or whatever. You might find it's more suited to keeping your garden tools and stuff in rather than as a larder (I'm thinking snowy winter nights - rather like now here :lol: ) when the last thing you want to do is go outside, down steps etc just for a bag of flour!

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