waterless urinal

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Re: waterless urinal

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SaveSomeGreen wrote:white vinegar in a plant spray will do the job.. great for all cleaning and gets rid of the smell too.. although if you have a sugar puff wee it may be a good thing.. if only to discourage eating processed cereal badness!! :P
:lol: :lol: Never noticed sugarpuff odor!! will have to try now just to find out! Havent seen them in Portugal...but I am sure if I try hard enough!!
asparagus also ...but not bad for you!
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Re: waterless urinal

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Obviously no readers of the selfsufficientish bible :wink: Adam Hart Davis wrote a page about straw bale toilets, dig a hole - put a straw bale in it and pee. Or I have also used a strawbale just resting on the ground, which seems to work equally as well. The straw absorbs all odours and when it starts to break down it can be dug into the earth.

This is an outdoor solution, but I have seen someone who made a toilet using similar technology, a normal toilet but the pipe from the loo drained out into a hole full of hay. Can't remember if it was hooked up to the mains water for a flush, but don't think it did.
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