Eco-warriors (?)

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Re: Eco-warriors (?)

Post: # 125377Post QuakerBear
Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:32 am

I got this of Wikipedia for the UK population density:

Density 246/km², 637/sq mi

But we're not evenly distributed because there are some areas that just can't be farmed. I do wonder if it would be possible for the UK to be food self-sufficiant just for a while like during WW2. Even with micro production and more efficient large scale production. Could we still do it?

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Re: Eco-warriors (?)

Post: # 125389Post hamster
Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:08 am

There was a programme on Radio 4 recently about the future of food and farming and it claimed that Britain could actually be self-sufficient in food (the bulk of it - excluding, I presume, things like coffee) with pretty much any system of farming. I don't think it went into much detail, but (bizarrely) the programmes are still available here ... mmes.shtml and if you're interested it would probably refer to the studies or research which said it. I think it was in the last episode, but it might have been the third.

I'm very tempted to go back into academia and do a masters/PhD on different ways of feeding urban areas across cultures.
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Re: Eco-warriors (?)

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Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:23 am

just a few off the top of my head - Schools, police, roads, refuse collection, street sweepers, care for the elderly... there is more but I think the budgets are different north and south of the border.

I am all for these people living the way they are living, it is beautiful, but I don't like the idea that people 'opt out' of paying for the community. There should be a nominal council charge for these people, but if we chased down all the other non-payers in the country that would be a start, as these are the ones that use more services.

I don't use (or could easily do without) most of the services the council provide but I pay gladly for all these things because one day I might need them. I wouldn't want to live somewhere the police won't come out because I don't pay private security charges, or if I want a school education for my child I have to pay for it, or I take ill in my old age and can't afford to be looked after... What a horrid country that would be.
I'd agree if I thought I had more a voice in local gov't.
But there's more than just solving the how-to problems. I've often said that if we're going to have a real rural renaissance, I'd just take the solving of the how-to problems for granted. The first thing I'd provide would be festivals.
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