Hurricane Music

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Hurricane Music

Post: #136521 Turtuga Blanku
Mon Jan 05, 2009 1:40 am

This year’s hurricane season has seen quite a lot of tropical storms and hurricanes with Paloma (category 4) being the last one. However, as oceans are warming up, we may be in for even heavier and longer lasting hurricane seasons in the coming years.

That's not a good thing for the people living in the hurricane area. It's costing lives and causes great ecological and material damage. If only you could at least harvest these hurricanes for the enormous energy they release: imagine how much electricity could be generated if we could somehow make use of all that wind energy!


Obviously, hurricane conditions are far from ideal for windmills, which cannot operate under these conditions. But normally, the Caribbean has one of the best wind regimes for wind generated electricity. With declining fossil fuel stocks and increasing awareness of climate change, more nations in the Caribbean area are starting to see the advantages of these favorable wind conditions.

Still, you won’t find a windmill outside of Turtuga Blanku’s little studio. Being in the business of making music with the studio’s windows open, I still prefer silent photovoltaic solar plates!

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