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News from the ANH

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Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:14 pm

ANH (Alliance for Natural Health) are working to try & preserve our freedom to choose safe, natural therapies. This is the summary of the e-blast I received today:

ANH’s unique melding of science, medicine and law gives you a perspective you can rely on. This information is vital if we are to resist the pressures of the small number of governments and corporations that are seeking to dictate global policy and control; control over us, our food, our healthcare systems, and of course, our political systems.
In short…
Check out below our story on how the European Food Safety Authority has ignored key evidence on the cancer risks of aspartame to keep step with the FDA in the USA, again claiming the artificial sweetener aspartame is safe; to the potential for compulsory MMR vaccination in the UK because parents have dared to exercise their freedom of choice; to the shameless peddling of the first GM vaccine to young teenage girls with no hard evidence for effectiveness, and; to a European election in which the 43% of the European electorate who chose to vote may well have registered their disenchantment with the European agenda.
It’s a mad, topsy-turvy, upside-down world at the moment, but it feels good that there are so many of us (and the numbers are growing daily) who are able to look at the flip-side of the paradigm and see how we might work together to make a better place for future generations. Despite government and corporate brainwashing to the contrary, more and more people are showing that they recognise nature knows best and it’s through our reconnection with nature that we will ultimately find the answers.

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