One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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Re: One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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Green Rosie, I'm sorry you don't feel I'm paying enough attention to the cork issue and that I brushed it aside.

yes the site focuses on the landfill issue and that's what we talk about on the site. I do care about the 'bigger picture' however, but in the past I ran a website and it became so 'diluted' with all aspects of green living. It got that I couldn't keep a focus and nobody took part in discussions because it was a bit of a 'jack of all trades' site.

I'm learning about the importance of maintaining the real cork trade now, thanks to input on the site. I knew a little, but not a lot - I think many of us can relate to that feeling.

As for zero waste being my sole goal regardless of sustainability, well yes perhaps it comes across like that on the site. But I'm learning more and more that we are all part of the grand jigsaw of life. As you pointed out, some will only buy organic, despite food miles, others won't use a car but fly on holiday, others might recycle everything but drive 1/2 mile to the shops. I think the key here is that we all have our part to play in a very significant way, but unless we live off our own piece of land and only move around without say a couple of miles of community, none of us are living in a truly sustainable way.

As you say there is no black and white, perhaps only shades of green :rabbit:
I put a lot of thought in my day to day actions, many of which I never talk about on the site; I tie myself up in knots at night wondering if I've made the right decision, but hey, I know I make a lot of mistakes too and it's through my mistakes that I can learn to make better choices in the future.
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Re: One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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Those are very fair comments Starchild - I am sure that you are very aware of a lot of the conflicting green issues and I was merely pointing out that people without this more in depth knowledge who read your blog could make decisions that are in fact less sustainable in the long run.

I did feel that without any further comment on the cork issue that it had been brushed aside - maybe you do churn over these issues at night but without some feedback from you on the blog people are left in a position of not being able to make an informed decision.

As you are so right in saying there are no rights or wrongs only a million shades of green. Perhaps with greater education - from the likes of yourself as well as government and everyone in between, we can begin, as a global society, to move forward making the best decisions for our planet.

I am extremely lucky - I do produce much of my own food and what I need to buy I can get locally. I still produce far too much rubbish but I reckon my overall carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment is much less than when I lived in a semi in suburbia. And given the choice, when I buy a bottle of wine it will be French, with a cork and possibly organic - in that order.

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Re: One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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To complicate the cork issue even further, there is very little danger of losing the Portuguese cork industry any longer, as the material has been taken up by the aerospace industry - it makes very good wing components. However, the preservation of the Iberian Lynx (of which I am completely in favour) now gets tangled up with an industry which is not, to say the least, the most environmentally friendly in the world.

I still haven't got my head around this one.

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Re: One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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I wasn't trying to stop discussion. If I was, I went about it the entirely wrong way - by diuscussing things! :lol:

The thing is, I am far from perfect and I get a lot of flack from both sides from what I do. I had an ex that would verbally abuse me for not knowing how to recycle properly (I came from a country that didn't) even though he never taught me and now, as I do recycle and get cranky because "I could've USED that ___" (insert thrown away object here) and now I get flack of "Well it's just garbage, geeze." It's not garbage, it's an egg carton I can use for seedlings!

It's like.. no matter how far you go or what you do or what you try and say - someone is out there telling you what a $4*t job you're doing, and that can't feel good. I'm sure if I saw a thread about me and the people didn't even know I was there and it devolved into an argument involving my husband's love of curry and how it 'ruined everything', well, I'd probably cry. To try so hard and still be told I wasn't good enough... maybe I'm just weak, though. Yeah, I don't NEED to be told I'm good enough at what I do, but randomly finding a bunch of people talking about how I wasn't good enough would probably upset me greatly. I don't think anyone thought of this.

We all get it. We've all gotten it. Someone telling us we're not doing x right or if we're doing x, why aren't we doing y... it's hard You can't do everything. You just can't, unless you live in some magical land of purely local organic homegrown foods all within walking distance and make your own clothes from your own cotton, etc. it ain't happening.

I, for one, am grateful starchild went out there like she did. Of course, the TV episode isn't here, but her blog is very informative and I loved going through it and even though I may not adopt all her practices, hey, I learned my coffee grinds are perfect for some nutrients for my lemon tree - and since I have coffee everyday, this will go well! So even though her husband still has a jar of curry now and then, at least her efforts did something somewhere... at least here, there will be no more coffee grinds (not that there were yet - we have one of those commercial tubs that takes months to fill, but it's almost there now!) in the lanfill from this family. Which is, what I gather, her original intentions. But please correct me if I'm wrong, starchild.

We all have our vices. We all have our social and economical issues.. but that doesn't mean we can't learn from someone. :salute:

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Re: One bin, one year, one family. Hooray.

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yes true - learning works both ways though.

oh and i just put my coffee grounds on the compost heap.

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