Food prices to double

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Re: Food prices to double

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oldjerry wrote:Sorry to disagree with a good few of you,but in many ways food is FAR TOO CHEAP.I'm the last person to disregard the effect rising food prices have on the poor,but that's a question of wealth distribution.In a natural situation all animals especially humans will expend a great deal of time and energy feeding themselves and their family.Cheap food has led to a diminishing of reverence for food,mealtimes,cooking etc.(not to mention a servile dependance on retail conglomerates) and till people can regain their respect for food we'll all continue to travel paddleless up S--t Creek.

plus I've always maintained that supermarkets don't sell food cheap - they sell cheap food as in cheap and nasty.
There is no question. Cap and Share or TEQs is the answer. Even Cap and Dividend!

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Re: Food prices to double

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I noticed on the news last night , that due to the drought conditions in UK, food prices ( fruit/veg) are likely to rise, due to water restrictions being imposed!.......

but they nevercome back down , do they,or at least not ot the original levels.

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Re: Food prices to double

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Hello there ,

does this include the price of marmite ?

regards ,


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Re: Food prices to double

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Those of us wealthy enough to have access to the internet will be fine. It's those poor people already living in marginal enviroments who will suffer themost. I feel partly responsible as I do waste and I do use a car, central heating etc. If anyone has ideas of how to help it would good.

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