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Epson CX3650 printer

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:21 pm
by Graye
Anyone here familiar with these printers? We have two and they both do the same really annoying thing.

When I ask them to print they always print about half the page (the actual width of the printing varies, even with two copies of the same document but it is the left hand side of the page which prints) and even occasionally manage a whole page. This seems to be completely arbitrary and I have no idea when it will print what. It also apples across the various programs altough it seems to be able to do a full page more often than not in MS Publisher. This is in any of the four settings higher than draft. The draft actually invariable prints a full page.

I have had the software out and re-installed it, double checked the page settings and the print settings and can see nothing which is making them do this. Can anyone come up with a suggestion before they end up in the tip please? This has been going on forever and even though the computer has been reformatted (for a completely different problem) it's still happening.