Limiting internet

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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Limiting internet

Post: # 262271Post magicguitarman
Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:06 pm

Nope, not for kids! For me!

Having been homeless for a good few weeks I am about to move into a new flat. I still have my job thankfully, and can resume normal service.

I'll be living alone again, after a few years with flatmates and thus can chose my own level of internet. I've been looking into a mobile dongle, and packages with download limits as I spend far too much time on the internet and get addicted to it! At the same time though, I do like to play the odd game online and sometimes watch documentaries on YouTube. So I am nervy about going to far.

Does anyone else do this? And if so how?

Any ideas and suggestions welcome.
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Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: Limiting internet

Post: # 262300Post Jandra
Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:57 am

Mmm, yes. The internet can be sort of addictive. I sometimes do read a lot of stuff on the net and then I don't get "real-life" things done.

Sorry, can't help you with practical solutions, but if you feel it's wise to limit your internet time, then you should do that.

Good luck in your new flat.

margo - newbie
margo - newbie
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Re: Limiting internet

Post: # 278146Post Tim TIC
Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:56 pm

There's a program called 'cold turkey' which allows you to limit the time you spend on certain sites. Facebook is my nemesis and so I can block access to it (as much or as little as I want). The settings are valid for a week and you cannot alter the settings within that week. I had a dongle but it chews through data and ends up being quite expensive. I'm a student and I found it to be too limiting. Cold Turkey is free. Naughty me hasn't properly read the forum rules yet so I don't know if I'm permitted to link to the free download site but if you google Cold Turkey free download you should find it with ease.

Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Re: Limiting internet

Post: # 278147Post skeast
Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:41 pm

Oohhh, I could definitely use a facebook limiter, or atleast trialing it for a week. Just how much time do we waste surfing and how muchis actually broadening our horizons and learning ?!


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