I have plants I can't eat!

Another section by popular demand. If you want to talk about anything else that grows that is not livestock, herbs, fruit or vegetables here it goes.
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Re: I have plants I can't eat!

Post: # 238374Post snapdragon
Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:53 am

Is the pink Geranium a 'hardy' or 'pelargonium'? if Hardy (leaves look a little buttercup-ish) it will die back but will be back next year, if 'pelargonium' (the ones with fleshier, often hairy leaves, seen in pots and on photos of alpine balconies) you'll need to take cuttings of this years and keep them frost free for planting out next year.
Bamboo I'd plant like mint in a large bottomless pot because it will invade all over (but useful to grow your own canes :) )
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Re: I have plants I can't eat!

Post: # 238379Post pelmetman
Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:31 am

Lemon Balm is a really useful plant though like others have said it can be invasive.

The leaves can be finely chopped into salads, white sauces for fish and gives a zing to mayonnaise.
You can also add it to fruit salads and custard.
Add to blended vinegars.

It also has medicinal uses, fresh leaves can be put onto insect bites.

We chop it down to ground level at the end of the year.

Sue :flower:
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Re: I have plants I can't eat!

Post: # 238380Post Annpan
Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:37 am

Oh it is definitely a hardy, my mum is a dedicated gardener but has always been a bit lazy (laissez faire might be kinder), and is now quite ill, so things that don't survive would be long gone.... infact I don't think she ever even sows seeds.... she just buys stuff from garden centres all the time... (where as I have only spent about £20 in a garden centre in my life, I buy seeds and scrounge off others :mrgreen: ... and.... um.... fail...... a lot :roll: )


I stuck them all in big pots the other day as we still have lots of groundwork to do at the near end of the garden.... the bamboo and geranium and aubretia have survived beautifully.... the lemon balm and hydrangea don't look so good, but if they don't take I can get more cuttings some other time (assuming I see my mother in the next year or so..... we don't really get on)

post-crash.... thanks for all the tips :mrgreen:
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