Supporting the Economy

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Supporting the Economy

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Now us being self sufficient I suppose that it's not us that have been back out hitting the shops is it? Should we be worrying about keeping the economy afloat to preserve jobs.

Or are we the ones who are taking advantage of all the clear outs that other folks have been doing? Or have we been putting money in the bank?

From my point of view, no not really. Compost bins have been ordered for the one allotment out of two that I'm keeping for next year have been the major extravagance - am keeping a lot of what would have been the compost on the one that's going. Those have been through the cheap county council scheme of course. The garden centre can't compete with the price so don't stock them any more. The local family has been doing house repairs which have involved buying parts that they couldn't acquire (new shower unit and cubicle, stopping the cellar leaking all the heat out of the house, fitting an outside tap) but that was when one member was on furlough whilst other was working at home and it seemed a good time. Their shopping is as low as ever.

So? What are we all not doing for the local or national economy?

Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: Supporting the Economy

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I've put quite a lot of thought into this, actually. In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no.

On the "yes" side;

~ We are waiting for a plaster, joiner, builder and the woodburner people to come and do work - they're all heavily in demand at the moment.
~ We've had a carpet fitted
~ I'm pretty much back up to 10% of income generated from self employment again, buying locally and selling nationally. The money seems to go straight into the pockets of tradesmen to get and get the house up to scratch
~ I'm probing a business venture installing low-cost, modular CCTV systems for homes and small businesses. It's not a big business as such but it's still going to be a trickle to a few UK-based suppliers.

On the "no" side;

~ I despise going to the shops. There are days where I'd rather eat my shoes than visit the supermarket and I'm fairly sure our consumption is slightly down because of that.
~ Mrs. Viper hasn't been to the gym since February now. It wasn't expensive as such (she works for the attached University campus) but that's £7-odd a week that's not going towards the two or three classes she would do a week.
~ The Bogey Wagon (if you saw it, you'd understand) hasn't really moved much. As it's so old and decrepid, it was found in the local garage a few times a year or so, but it's not really deteriorating and so the mechanic hasn't seen it.

We have continued to move towards buying secondhand rather than new. That's keeping money local, but not really helping the national economy as I don't think much is seeing the tax man.

On the whole, I don't see things going back to normal on my street. There's no new cars this year, but if you're a skip company you're doing amazingly.
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Re: Supporting the Economy

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I have spent a fair bit of money - all in small shops, though. Ethical gift shop, health stores, Braithwaite's for coffee, farmers' market etc.* Some of it simply stuff that I'd run out of by now, some presents. And I am now finally getting my door fixed (front door has been locked for months, and I didn't want to call the council out, seeing as it wasn't "essential". I only use the front door to water my plants...)
Mind you, tradesmen didn't seem to have lockdown here. They were incredibly busy around our area all through those months.

* And various bookshops, I just remembered. Always spend too much money there... :?
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Re: Supporting the Economy

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I try to support the local economy, as far as I can. We buy a (mainly) locally produced veg box and local cheese and meat.

Clothes almost always come from Ebay, secondhand - prices have noticably gone up since lockdown so I'm guessing a few people have discovered the delights.

Apart from new raised beds, and the new greenhouse, of course, we've pretty much finished home improvements/renovations etc and we can't think of anywhere we want to go while the Highlands are under seige from "Staycationers", so there seems to be a few bob in the bank, for once.

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