Transition Town Training

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Transition Town Training

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Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:34 pm

Dear all,
I've started Transition Town Finsbury Park and am organising some training in a couple of weeks. There's a few places left so please get in touch with me if you are interested (tt"at"

May East from the Scottish community, Findhorn, will be running the training with Ann Lamot from CAT in Machynlleth, Wales. May is a Brazillian social change activist who has worked for years in the environmental movement and Ann is on the steering committee for Transition Bro Ddyfi Trawsnewid, Wales.

Course Title: Training for Transition: How to set up, run and maintain a transition initiative.
Where: Caribbean Community Centre, 416 Seven Sisters Road, Manor House, London N4 2LX
When: Saturday 14th (9.30-5.30) and Sunday 15th March (9.00-5.00)
Cost: £100 per person

This course reinforces what's in the Rob Hopkins book, The Transition Handbook. The course objectives are:

* To understand the context for transition
* To understand the Transition Towns model as it has evolved so far – from inspiration to working groups
* To gain knowledge of the main steps of transition
* To work out a plan of action for your self and your locality
* To understand the inner and outer aspects of transition
* To have the elements of an inspiring talk on Transition Towns

Many thanks,
Jo Homan
Transition Town Finsbury Park: Making the most of local resources, local community and local knowledge to build a more sustainable future.

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