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Barbara Good
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I'm just wondering what jobs you all do, and if you don't work, what do you do for money? I'm considering different career options to get out of the rat race and I'd appreciate ideas if you want to share! :flower:

Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: Jobs

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I work part time in a customer care dept and himself is a lorry driver - opting out isn't an option while we have a mortgage, unfortunately.

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Re: Jobs

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I am a stay at home Mummy to our two daughters, and soon to be son. I used to be a Recruitment Consultant.

Hubby has just gone back to Chefing, after a really stressful 6 years as an Opperations Manager. We have reduced our income by more than half, but he now gets 2.5 days off a week instead of 1. So more time with the family, more time to do the things that we want, and a lot less pressure.
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Barbara Good
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Re: Jobs

Post: # 167945Post paul123456 »

Hello there ,

Self employed for the past 20 years .Work in Europe in the construction ,when there's a job going that suits me.
When there's no contract I mess around on my plot , garden , wood , furniture making and refurbishing the house.

Seen the light 10 years ago and told the banks to F@#& Off .
Since then no loans , mortgages or debt ,so we can do what we want .
Shame that the bankers still had the chance to fool the majority (crisis-greed).

The wife is raising the kids , that's a full time job ,we don't dump our kids in a nurserery like many people do in certain country's.
Now we are enjoying the full force of the crisis, no contract at the moment .

Oh yes got another job ,

we burn wood as fuel ,that is a badly paid part time job , but it is fun and supplys fysical work outside in the fresh air .

that's it ,

regards ,


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Re: Jobs

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I work for MI5.

What? WHAT?

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Re: Jobs

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I'm an accountant. Some of the time it's OK, but most of the time it's really boring and very stressful. Fortunately, it pays really well, so with careful planning and being frugal I can survive for several months without working and contract when the weather gets bad. I've just had six months off but I'm about to start another contract which should last until Christmas.

A friend and I are thinking about going into property development. She's got a good job so can get a mortgage. I can spend the time doing the renovations. We just need to find the right property to get ourselves started.

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Re: Jobs

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I'm a stay at home mum to my 2 boys (3, and 10 months, and no plans for more); but before that I was in PR, then I had a nervous breakdown thanks to 16 hour days, and went into IT sales where I got dead good with data back-up, load balancing, and security. Then I moved to Scotland and sold IT consumables for a bit, until I got made redundant when they shut us down. Then I did the evil of all evils - selling data. Yes. YOUR details, so people can harrass you to sell you stuff. Knew when I got pregnant that I'd never go back there.
OH works for the same company, though doesn't peddle your details; he just organises it all nicely into a downloadable format. He hates it too.

We live on a pittance, really, on a council estate where we privately rent - so all the junkies are getting new kitchens and windows and we are getting sweet FA; but we can only ever dream of getting a mortgage, we'll be tenants forever, I fear.

I have been looking to do a course in Librarianship, but no such course seems to exist in Scotland :-(
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Living the good life
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Re: Jobs

Post: # 167966Post KathyLauren »

I work as a system manager for a computer installation two days a week over the Internet. It is a great gig, since I live on an island and don't want to pay ferry fares to commute. It gives me free time to do chores and home improvements, not to mention a bit of relaxation.

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Re: Jobs

Post: # 167967Post the.fee.fairy »

I'm teaching English to Chinese students in China. They're at University, and i got my apartment and some fuel costs paid by the university.

I get paid a competitive salary (although i found out recently that i could be earning double what i am now, just by moving into the city...). In GBP i earn £355 a month, but comparitively, in spending power, it is about £1300 a month.

I'm in love with China at the moment!

If you have a degree, and no ties to home, low expectations and a thirst for culture, then i highly recommend teaching here. Don't know what other countries are like (yet), but i do like it here.

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Re: Jobs

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I've recently just lost my job as a music technician in the local High School :cry: I really loved it and would love to work in a school again. Usually I do admin/clerical stuff , but I also trained as an electrician and worked for a few years on new build houses. Unfortunately they don't tend to like women on building sites round here so I can't get work.
My OH is disabled so can't work, although he was a joiner/foreman before he was ill.
Lordy that all sounds really sad doesn't it! :lol:
The good thing is we don't have loans and stuff, are realy quite frugal and have only a small mortgage so, having totted things up we can live as comfortably as we usually do on the benefits we receive, until I can find another job :cheers: Which also means that I can have more time at home to do the things I really like doing such as good home cooking for the family and making the garden more productive - both of which save lots of money! :mrgreen:
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Re: Jobs

Post: # 167980Post Green Aura »

I'm an aromatherapist and just training in aromatic medicine (aromatology).

A couple of years ago we got the opportunity to buy a house in a craft village in the north Highlands, complete with shop an workshop. I did a soap-making course and now own/run a fledgling business selling handmade, chemical-free toiletries etc. I've also started making knitted and crocheted hats, scarves etc. The best thing is that there are no limitations to what I can do - if I want to have a go at painting or weaving I can. And I also have much more time to garden and cook than before.

OH is all-round computer nerd, which fortunately gives us sufficient income to live on.

Although our income has dropped by 2/3, we happier and much less stressed than before.

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Re: Jobs

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I am a stay at home mum, my money comes from James being a slave to an evil multinational conglomerate of transport companies.
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Re: Jobs

Post: # 168009Post Shirley »

Well I'm a stay at home mum too - but due to circumstances changing I now need to find a job that will fit in with school hours (IF I can find a place at the right school - just been told no places by the one we wanted) - I thought about home schooling but I can't afford to do that.

I don't really want to do clerical stuff but I guess that I won't really have a choice as I need to earn money to keep us (me and my son) from going under (and also to pay rent on a flat/house when we find somewhere - currently staying with my mum in rather crowded house) - crowded house makes home schooling a bit difficult too really, although the library is just around the corner and there are plenty of places to go and do stuff.

If I was better with my photography and had better kit etc I'd consider doing that as I could fit that around school/home schooling whichever way it went.
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Re: Jobs

Post: # 168020Post red »

I am mostly a stay at home mum, as I home educate my son. I don't get paid to do this obviously (though you would be surprised how many people ask if i do...but we get nada not even advice - and i would happily settle for the amount of cash it would have cost to educate my disabled son... but there you go), it is definitely an expensive choice, but the best one to make for my lad. To be honest, I shall always need to be around for my son.

I also work very part time as a book-keeper, keeping accounts, preparing payroll, - in fact I *am* the accounts department for a small company. I am able to do this working from home, and i mostly work in the evenings (apart from whenI have to interact with people.. yuk - hurrah for email). The hours have decreased dramatically, and I am wondering if i ought to hawk my services around the local area getting more clients.. but I'm not very keen.

Himself works full time. We muddle along.

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Re: Jobs

Post: # 168024Post Graye »

I was a nasty, evil Accounts Investigator Tax Inspector. You know, the one everyone loves to hate! I hated it too, and on reflection realise how pointless it all was. Targets meant you went for the easy meat and the clever ones hid behind their financial advisor/scam merchants.

Then I was a 2nd hand bookshop owner (in Spain) and now - I write novels. The jobs don't seem to make any sensible pattern but that's how it goes sometimes I suppose. I much happier with a quarter of the income anyway!

OH was a music teacher and then a full-time professional musician with a touring jazz band. Now he makes walking sticks and sells them. Not a lot of pattern to that either...
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