Fighting against faith schools

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Fighting against faith schools

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Donate if you wish.

They are fighting for:


"The Government changing the rules governing Free Schools to say that they cannot make provision for the teaching in any subject of creationism or other pseudoscience – after the BHA called for this precise change
Evolution being added to the primary curriculum – something the BHA has campaigned in favour of for years
The BHA overturning plans to enable Community schools to convert to ‘faith’ Academies in one step
The BHA helping expose an anti-abortion group going into schools and telling children that abortion causes breast cancer
The BHA triggering legal cases with the Government over secrecy around proposed Free Schools, and against religious schools opening by the back door
The BHA helping save the only school without a religious character in the west of the Isle of Wight from closure – which was threatened simply because the alternative choices were ‘faith’ schools"
Tim Minchin - The Good Book

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