Feeling more connected

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Feeling more connected

Post: #276549 sleepyowl
Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:49 pm

This year I have felt more connected with the wheel of the year, perhaps it has been because I have been more active & more available to grow stuff, which in turn has actually made summer easier for me as it when my PTSD related depression usually rears it's ugly head, but have less of it this year. But this year more than ever has spanned from the planting of seeds, planting out seedlings, growing, harvesting, preserving & soon wrapping up stuff in Christmas/Yule hampers. There has also been my increase of baking bread, making pasta & discovering that I like fruit crumble & learning how to make them & other seasonal crafts. There is also the point as well that this year I have been able to look out the window & see Wychbury Hill & the Clent Hills from my back window, making it feel like I'm in the country without actually being in it, but it is a good feeling.
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Jerry - Bit higher than newbie
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Re: Feeling more connected

Post: #276566 Chaldeonmenthe
Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:13 pm

Glad you are getting balance in your life sleepyowl, sounds like being connected to the seasonal rhythms is really helping your health. The trigger for me was keeping bees, as I started to look carefully for what is flowering and when which I had never really noticed before. In the last 12 months I know more about the local landscape than I have consciousally noticed in the last ten years! Being more connected feels really good, hey.

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Living the good life
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Re: Feeling more connected

Post: #276675 clare
Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:23 pm

I firmly believe that the simple life is the key to a happy life,all the complicatiions of today's world is the root of a lot of people's problems.the pressures of the modern world are so heavy but when you just enjoy baking,sewing,gardening or just simple reading in front of a fire are far more relaxing and rewarding.
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Re: Feeling more connected

Post: #276837 bonniethomas06
Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:54 am

That's good news Sleepyowl, I am quite the opposite unfortunately this year and have been thinking how much I need to get back to it - have spent most of the year in a centrally heated house in the middle of an estate studying, to my huge shame most of my food (a tiny bit came from the allotment) has come from a supermarket (bad habits - not going to make excuses, it is just a general lack of effort) and I have never felt more disconnected. Glum that I have missed most of the hedgerow goodies too. I am never happy though - living in a freezing cold cottage in the middle of the countryside wore me out!

Going to redouble my efforts to connect more from now on - starting with all of the River Cottage series on DVD! It always does the trick. In a silly way, it feels a bit pointless being alive if you are disconnected from well...life!
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