Looking for a group to buy land in Leeds

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Looking for a group to buy land in Leeds

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:11 am

Hi everyone,

First post on here so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place. Myself and a friend are serious about living a more sustainable lifestyle and as we have worked together for a number of years in conservation we have decided to team up to achieve this. Our initial idea is to buy a piece of land and gradually transform it over time into something that we can hopefully live on and eat from in the future. We want to do this in/around Leeds and have been looking for suitable places with our total funds currently at around £50,000. We have found the perfect spot of land just north of Leeds on the Otley Road that is currently green belt but would be considered for development - we'd rather see this turned into something like our nature sensitive smallholding idea than a concrete property jungle.

The land is 33 acres and is on the market for offers exceeding £300,000 which is obviously way above our budget. Therefore, we were wondering if any like-minded people are looking for pieces of land like this and would like to join with us to buy it cooperatively? Anyone else with suggestions and useful information is also welcome to comment.

The link to the land can be found here: http://www.propertypilot.co.uk/pdf/129+2826.pdf



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