Been burgled - devastated :(

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Been burgled - devastated :(

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Got up at 4am this morning to see our back door wide open, my handbag, keys, purse containing my driving licence and all my credit and debit cards, hubbys wallet and money, all taken. We were asleep upstairs and so were our kids at the time.

I feel devastated and violated. Thinking about the kids being upstairs is awful when someone was going through our stuff downstairs. We phoned the police and they said they would be around 'at some point' to talk to us and we have cancelled all our cards etc.

Gutted :(

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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oh awful for you. I have not been burgled but had my purse inched and that was bad enough

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Oh Sal

That's awful - at least you and your family are safe!

Big hugs.
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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Ditto Shirlz's comment about you all being safe, but still a bl**dy nasty thing to happen. Nice to see that the police are on the ball. :roll: When we still lived in the UK (north Kent...) my OH was still up late one morning working on a pc when for some reason, he decided to look out of the window. As it was dawn, he spotted someone next to our car, doing something to it. He yelled and bashed on the window, and ran downstairs.

The bloke (wearing a distinctive railway high-vis jacket!!!) had his car running nearby, ran to the car and drove off before my OH could stop him. It turned out the the bloke had nicked a wing mirror case from our 306! As we lived next to the railway line, and he worked on it, he no doubt had spotted our car and realised he could get a 'free' replacement bit for his own. Afterwards, when we tried to replace our missing one (to protect the electrics) we realised that you can't just buy one, you have to buy the whole thing for a few hundred pounds. Not surprising that ours was pinched.

At the time it happened, OH was pretty wound up (as was I), and as the thief was wearing distinctive clothing, OH called the police to let them know what happened and to get an incident number in case he wanted to get the insurance to cover it. The police came round within ten minutes!!! We didn't want them to - it was nearly 6am after all, and only a piece of plastic taken from a parked car. And to hear that they can't be bothered to investigate an actual burglary is really quite sickening.

I hope the rest of your day improves, and that the police do their job quickly.
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Tom Good
Tom Good
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Thats awful, poor you, the fact someone uninvited has got into your house is a really unpleasant feeling. We were robbed last weekend, they didn't get into the house but did nick the internet satellite dish, as we are so isolated and it's our only form of communication (no phones here) we were devestated, but they caught the thieves 48 hours later and we got it back, and hd to spend 800 dollars getting it reinstalled. the really irritating thing is they had no idea what it was, it was just big and unusual so like magpies they took it! You really would not want to see what the police did to them when they got them, the court case was the least of their worries. wasn't happy about the rough justice part sadly thats how things work here.
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Andy Hamilton
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When I was burgled a while back I kept getting letters through about victim of crime compensation. It might be worth looking into. Sorry to hear tho, I am still paranoid about being burgled now, not too much of a bad thing the house is always pretty secure.
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Sorry to hear that Sal!

It is a terrible thing to have happen, shakes your security up somewhat. It is good that it was only "stuff" not people that were damaged.

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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So sorry to hear that, Sal. How awful. I hope you get your stuff back, and the toe rags who took it get what they deserve.

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Sorry Sal, what a really rotten thing to happen. :(

Living the good life
Living the good life
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sorry to hear about whats happend

Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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never a nice thing to happen.
lets hope they can get finger prints and catch the buggers that did it.
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A selfsufficientish Regular
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ack sorry to hear this - we had similar experience many years ago - we too were upstairs asleep - woke to find living room window open and various things stolen - including all the christmas presents under the tree. sad thing is we were broke, so there was mostly home made things there - so of no worth to the swine who nicked them... but alot of time and hassle for me.

as you say - its the feeling of violation thats the worst bit.. that and the itme it takes you to notice something else has gone.

but I think.. my son was a baby.. and I was always saying 'whats that noise?' to my husband - who would then, to please me, go downstairs 'to see' only without his contact lenses in so he would not see properly - things might have been worse if we had disturbed them..
you have to keep saying to yourself 'it's only material things' not that its that easy.

Last year I had someone nick some cards from my bag from a hotel room - they were clever and only took two of my cards,, and a couple of cheques from the middle of my chequebook. they did get away with withdrawing lots of cash and spending lots on my credit card - they even took money from the bank itself - who would have to have looked at my driving licence and assure themselves that was the same red-head they were looking at
the police were not very bothered at all. but did get all the money returned from the bank. again its the feeling of violation that bothered me most.

I really feel for you.

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So sorry Sal ((((((( :cry: )))))))))

Its happened to me too, it is shit but at least you are all OK, just a bit shaken.


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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Sal - we send you our sympathies - thats an awful and frightening thing to happen.
A couple of years ago my folks went away and I was keeping an eye on the house. The day they came back I called in on my way to take the kids to school. I went to the front door to find that it had been chained. Burglars had gone in thru the back, chained the front door and gone thru the stuff. They didn't bother with the TV etc - they went for more personal stuff - they even took my great Grandas Kings police medal that he had been awarded for being shot in the line of duty. Something that was of no real use to them - it had his name on it so it was traceable - but of great sentimental value to my Dad.
My folks were really sad. However, in the process of sorting out the insurance we had to find records of various presentation pieces. We went to the archives and found great grandas personal police file. It was a wonderful experience - Mum and I spent an afternoon reading all about him and laughed a cried all the way thru it. We found out that he had to receive written approval of his bride to be from his boss!!! So out of something aweful and very sad came a wonderful insight into my family history and the realisation that although the "things" connected with that person were no longer there - he is still very much part of the here and now!!! Take peace from the fact that your family are safe - things can be replaced if they need to be.
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Sorry to hear about your burglary. At least it was small replaceable things, and not things of great senimental value, or unreplaceable items (although if someone stole my wallet, i'd kill them for the photos that arein it...). So, i hope that you are able to revocer quickly.

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