Water power pump question

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Water power pump question

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Ok, i was thinking of putting a small water feature in the corner of the garden, but need some intelligent isher to help me out.

The idea is a pond, with a resevoir above which falls onto a wheel, and then down into the pond. All easy so far. Now....

I am wanting the wheel to drive a pump to get water from the pond to the resevoir thus sustaining itself. But not sure on exactly what size pump i would need to pump enough water up to the top to keep the whole system working. And also, what size wheel would be needed.

Anyone got any ideas, or websites??

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It's a lovely idea which, unfortunately, won't work. What you've described is a perpetual motion machine. You can certainly use the wheel to drive a pump to lift the water to HELP drive the wheel - but you're also going to have to provide an external form of power to make the whole thing work.

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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Yep, MGK is right.

But if you do find a way of doing what you want let's know about it because it will make you millions.

Sorry just caint be done.
just a Rough Country Boy.

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If you can design such a thing, can I be your Agent, ooooh lots of lolly.
I can't do great things, so I do little things with love.

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