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It's interesting, although hardly surprising, that there are periods of high activity on this site and periods of almost zero activity. My back has necessitated a couple of days of inactivity during which I've just been sitting here at the keyboard: and, of course, watching my favourite site of all time, which, coincidentally, happens to be this one. And I've watched the to-ing and fro-ing.

So ... Ina always has a gap at around just after midnight. Fee just stays up to all hours. Kiwis and Aussies have an obvious excuse to post in the middle of the night, but still tend to post when the whole of Europe is alive and kicking (???). Andy posts whenever the muse takes him, regardless of where the sun is. Americans are roughly on the same time planet as the UK, so they don't impinge.

So when do you post? Do you try to meet the points where everyone else is around, or do you just post and wait a day or so?

Of course, by the time you answer, my back will be better and I'll probably miss by a few hours ...

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Post: # 102735Post Wombat »

I cheat at the moment because I'm 'ere :mrgreen:

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Post: # 102743Post Ellendra »

I post around 11am-3pm, local time, because that's when I'm awake and have the house to myself.

Don't know what time that makes it for you.

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I pop in around 7.30 morning time... and 5 ish afternoon ... and check on what your up to any time if feel a break is needed :flower:

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Post: # 102747Post Shirley »

Sorry to hear about the back problem :(

I just post when I can but often have the Ish window open when I'm working on other stuff online.
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Same here. I will often have the window open for long stretches and refresh occasionally to see if there are any new posts. I try not to be on so much in the evenings, as I spend most of the day in front of a computer, but, as you can see, I am currently on the forum and not planting potatoes...
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hope your back mends up soon,I pop on when my twin smalls are in the room here with me but occupied :lol: although its not long before one of them will clamber up on the sofa & start leaning over my laptop :mrgreen: or when they are in bed,but I have to say,like this evening,often my head is fried by then & all I want is a glass of wine & sit numbly in te corner :drunken:

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Post: # 102756Post johnhcrf »

Good topic, MKG. I jump in when not doing anything else more pressing or when I have a good idea.
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i come on here periodically during the day and evening whilst doing other bits...never late at ight though im always in bed :lol:

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Post: # 102771Post red »

during weekdays I pop in and out just briefly as doing the home ed thing.. so if son is set up reading or something that does not need me.. i can pop on..

then later i work from home.. on my pc... so have another little look

weekends.. its evenings only, as we are busy during the day

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Re: Immobilisation

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MKG wrote: So ... Ina always has a gap at around just after midnight.
That gap will get longer in future - I'm (almost) back to normal shifts! And that means I'll be on during my breaks - if there's nobody there to keep me talking... And in the evenings. But nights will be for sleeping again.
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Post: # 102819Post Annpan »

I am often on in the late evening 10 till midnight - My daily stuff is finished and Shortie is in bed... JohnM is often preparing our dinner - We use the evening for working (outside in this weather) and we find it best to eat after everything else is done.

I do get on during the day, when E is asleep... if I remember to take the laptop downstairs but we have been so busy recently I am only getting on in the evening.
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Post: # 102835Post Millymollymandy »

I'm always first thing in the morning and/or lunchtime. Rarely go on my computer in the evening because evenings are for putting feet up in front of the telly! :lol:

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Post: # 102892Post mrsflibble »

I post at any time when jim's off work, when he's on days I post between 12 and 4 depending on when soiph's having a nap, and when he's on nights I'm generally on here in the evenings.
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