LHD 4 wheel drive pickup

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LHD 4 wheel drive pickup

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Hi people

Do people know where I can get a post 1996 LHD pick up/off road Vehicle cheaply in the UK/Europe. Hungary has V. expensive used cars and I am interested in a 4x4 which would be able to be used for most farm tasks.
Ideally, I would like to get a diesel and Veggie oil it, hence the Alternative transport :icon_smile:
The best option available to me at the moment is a Lada Niva (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lada_Niva) but they have 1.7l petrol engines :(

Thanks for any pointers!


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Re: LHD 4 wheel drive pickup

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You'll not get a Lada anything in the UK Andy. One of, I think, John Major's legacies was to make sale of Ladas illegal!!!!

My only suggestion is to have a look on ebay in EU countries close to you. Something suitable may come up there. Or some other online secondhand/auction site.

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Re: LHD 4 wheel drive pickup

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Re: LHD 4 wheel drive pickup

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Look for suppliers of ex-MoD Land Rovers. The armed forces use left-hand drive versions in various countries and they do come up for sale in the UK.

There are some LHD drive Defenders here:


Mark, who I've bought from in the past, sometimes has them:


The blokes at the Defender Centre, who I've bought from, sometimes have them:


Crook Brothers often have LHD ones


Also, it's fairly straightforward to convert a soft-top to a pickup. You need the roof, rear window and rear bulkhead from a wrecked pick-up. Defenders are basically giant Meccano sets so you can do this yourself. A look around a few Land Rover forums will turn up people who've done it.

And I did find this very flash one...

http://www.neneoverland.co.uk/4x4leftha ... e04130.htm

But it's the 130 (long wheelbase) and definitely not cheap! Nice, though.

And this company does new LHD ones (for export only) should you ever have the money...

http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/vehicle ... rovers.htm

Hope that helps.

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