Hair Care (Moreover how to tame annoying hair)?

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Re: Hair Care (Moreover how to tame annoying hair)?

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Ah you may well be my hair twin

Long - Check
Dead straight - check
Crazy thick - check
Neck nape matt (amongst others) - check
Infrequent hair washer - check
Platting temporary fix as long as you dont undo it before you wash it again - check
Moved from soft water area to hard water area - check
Oily roots, dry ends - check

I did make my hair worse by trying to dye it a slightly more interesting colour than 'mouse', buying the wrong dye which contained peroxide (semi-permenant darkish brown hair dye!!) and as soon as the semi-perm colour washed out what was once hair is now the colour and consistency of straw.. I have chopped off about 6 inches of it (with the help of the OH) to try and stop the matting but its still longer than bra strap so maybe need to chop off more..


Not much to contribute but certainly benefitting from all the advice!! :grouphug: I do use a big, very soft paddle brush thing but is that bad?... Maybe I will switch to a comb and see if that helps.. Also I heard the coconut oil thing from a friend with similar issues and she has beautiful hair but I have always been too chicken to try it.. She hair washes more frequently than I do and she says it does get a little greasy when you first do it but after 2-3 washes the improved condition is noticable..

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