Spring Water

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Spring Water

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Hey anybody collect their water from natural springs? There is a new database website which you can post springs on, not many in uk yet as is american but i think its a great idea not only to encourage people to cut out the pharmaceutical cocktail that is tape water and the bottled plastic tea but for people to also connect with where water actually comes from :)

Check out www. findaspring.com

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Re: Spring Water

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Yes, we do.
Tastes wonderful and so soft when you have a bath or wash your hair.
Can't be too much wrong with it, we have been drinking it for 15 years now.

I does dry up some summers (not recently) and we have a deep borehole well that tastes disgusting, all minerally and hard, but it does us good to appreciate the spring water when it starts to flow again.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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