Dreadlock Soap Bars Anyone?

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Dreadlock Soap Bars Anyone?

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Tue May 25, 2010 5:47 am

Any of you lovely Ishers out there make any? After several years of just having a few dreads popping out from under my tresses, I have suddenly have a whole head full to contend with (how did that happens? :scratch: :wink: )

The bar I currently use, is handmade in the UK, and smells deliciously of lemon and lime, with an undertone of mint and rosemary which keeps everything sweet smelling...all grand you might think...but no. I got myself a thinking the other night (careful now :? ) and realised that my cold hard cash could be better spent elsewhere (all £6.95 plus P+P!) :icon_smile:

So if any of you soap makers out there make something suitable for me to keep the soil out of my dreadlocks! Please let me know, as I'd rather by buying something made in the UK by someone I do 'know' that someone I don't if you catch my meaning :mrgreen:


Lorna x

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