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Post: # 207935Post homegrown
Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:37 am

Hi Guys, afriend of mines 27 year brother lives in california and has just been diagnosed with lung cancer, she is not very trusting of a lot of modern medical practices, can anybody advise on an alternative diet or herbal medicines that can help withstrengthening is body and immune system, not looking for a quick miracle or anything but any help would be appreciated.

cheers Richard :(
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Re: Cancer

Post: # 207938Post Silver Ether
Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:54 am

Sad news ... damned illness. Many years ago I read a book called the bristol diet and I kept it as I thought it was a good un ... also posative thinking along with meds of course ... but got to stay posative as you can think yourself ill ...I also like the one where you visualize some tiny creatures muching away at the evil cells ...

not many decent links to the said diet... Hope he is ok ... ... 6_Anchor_3

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Re: Cancer

Post: # 207944Post Keaniebean
Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:29 am

Sorry to hear about that, I have lost quite a few members of family to cancer. It's a nasty and cruel disease. I wish your friend all the luck in the world.

Have a look at this website, it's a really good source of raw food recipies, which are supposedly the best way to eat.

I must say that I never felt healthier than when I was eating raw. I probably would have continued but the husband got all neanderthal on me and demanded meat cooked by fire, :wink:

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Re: Cancer

Post: # 207946Post prison break fan
Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:38 am

Hi, Sorry to her that, it's everywhere isn't it, everyone has members of their family with cancer. I really believe a healthy organic diet keeps the stomach and bowel cancers at bay, but don't know much about lung cancer, other than the smoking thing. Parts of California have wonderful hospitals and is very enlightened. Wish him luck from all of us!! pbf.

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Re: Cancer

Post: # 207950Post oldjerry
Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:57 am

sad news indeed especially so young,best wishes from all of us.I think the Bristol diet may be connected to the Alternative therapy hospital that was there in the 80's,don't know if it's still there.

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Re: Cancer

Post: # 207954Post bonniethomas06
Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:17 am

Oh no, very sorry to hear that :(

I read a book called 'The Anti-Cancer Diet' recently, during a bout of paranoia about cancer: ... 0670020346

I found it really helpful - the author is a doctor who survived a brain tumour. His main area of focus is on eating foods which cause inflammation (as cancer cells apparently need to inflame surrounding tissue to establish their blood supply) and on ceasing to eat dairy products (as apparently they contain growth hormones which inadvertently cause cancer cells to divide faster). He also swears by organic.

I am not in a position to know whether or not his advice is medically sound, but it made sense to me and there is also a chapter on the mental side of dealing with cancer.

I hope all goes well for your friend. I went to a wedding in August for a couple in their early thirties - the groom has since been diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. It is a truly revolting disease.
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Re: Cancer

Post: # 208045Post battybird
Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:24 pm

That is so sad , Richard!
If your friend is having chemotherapy remember to check that any alternative / complementary supplements are compatible with the drugs being given. Some actually stop the chemo working properly. Several patients I work with have had good results using short courses (7-10days) of echinacea (?? cannot spell! sorry :oops:) at the midcycle in chemo when white cell counts (immunity) is at its lowest. Nicotine and smoking retard the action of some chemo drugs so if at all possible smoking should be stopped, but this can be hard at an already stressful time. And if he does not smoke, having this diagnosis is very hard. Hope he gets some positive results, there are lots of new treatments out there which are very effective. :hugish:
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