Psoriasis of the scalp

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Re: Psoriasis of the scalp

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Here's some Mrs Powell is using as hers flared up after a cold at xmas.
1. Evening primrose tablets.
2. Teh Halia (using James Wong's recipe)
4cm (about thumb-sized) piece of ginger
3 sticks fresh tumeric (or 4g dried)
a few pinches of freshly-ground black pepper
250ml whole milk
250ml water
1 tsp black tea leaves
palm sugar, to taste (or use brown sugar or maple syrup)

Peel and grate the ginger and Turmeric then place in a mortar, add the black pepper and pound until you have a smooth paste.

Scrape the paste into a pan then whisk in the milk, water and black tea leaves. Gently bring to a simmer and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes, or until the volume of liquid has reduced by half. Take off the heat, strain into a bowl and sweeten to taste.

Now pour the liquid between two containers, set as far apart as you can. This helps aerate the tea and imporves the flavour.

He also has a quick fix recipe using all dried spices but it's not as nice.

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Re: Psoriasis of the scalp

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hi to you all
I know of a man that has a machine that has worked wonders with psoriasis he had it himself and cleared it .
his name is Jim you will get this information on this
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hope this is of help because it cleared it for him and many other

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Re: Psoriasis of the scalp

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Probably a bit late (but I am glad that the other tips are helping you!) but my mild psoriasis has been all but cured by switching at more natural shampoo and conditioner and I have been eating more coconut and fish oil. I also don't wash my hair very often any more probably no more than once a week.
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Re: Psoriasis of the scalp

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As a seasonal sufferer (the change in light during the spring warm up triggers mine), on the shoulders / scalp -- i find that honey both as a conditioner and rubber straight into my skin works a treat.

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Re: Psoriasis of the scalp

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Have you tried rubbing hemp oil into it?

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