Being eaten alive.

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Re: Being eaten alive.

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Hahaha! True though! Oh and just making plain that I didn't mean it like that, that's all.

The council only come for cockroaches, mice or rats. Well, they do fleas and ''cluster flies'' (?) but for £37.50 (!), shall be cheaper to do it myself. I found 5 bombs on ebay for £14.99, bob marley... I'm sure they're called something like that... Is that expensive? Could I wear a mask and walk around the house and waft it? Our house has lots of little rooms, and each bomb covers 37m2....

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Re: Being eaten alive.

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Given the place has lots of rooms, and it's £12 more, I would get the council to do it.
They will give you some piece of mind, rather than untested stuff from ebay.
Plus speak to them about living standards etc and your worry about getting your deposit back if you complain?
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Re: Being eaten alive.

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Can you borrow a carpet cleaner from someone? They really help as they suck up the eggs and larvae. You should do all the soft furnishings, wash the curtains and all your bedding and clothes to prevent them jumping from the dirty to the clean.

I know it's horrible at the moment, but keep up the cleaning regime and it will get better. Antihistamines will help to reduce the reaction.

Fingers crossed this gets sorted out soon.

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Re: Being eaten alive.

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5 bombs in the principal rooms with all the internal doors open should cover the other smaller rooms too as 37m2 is a large room. You'll have to read the instructions but from what I've heard, you shut up the house and leave it for 4 hours and don't go inside during that time. Obviously if you have any pets you take them out too! Then if it should be some other insect than fleas this insectide should nuke the lot, then carry on with the cleaning regime in case it is fleas and they have larvae still alive in the carpets. But at least you won't be being bitten whilst you are doing it!
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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: Being eaten alive.

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Hopefully this will all be sorted out by now but just as a thought, for the being bitten problem. Try buying a bottle of Citronella essential oil , and putting a few drops in your bath water every day, you'll smell lemoney and nice and bugs hate it... I make a bug screen for my husband who gets bitten by everything and anything ...
But you need beeswax. So a few drops of the essential oil in your bath should do the same trick...
Fleas and all kinds of bugs dont actually need you to be there to live for ages... yuckily they live off the dead skin cells we drop into cracks in the floorboards, skirting boards etc... Ive known people take years getting rid of a flea infestation after moving into a house where there previously had been pets...
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Re: Being eaten alive.

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Also, if you’re not completely sure of what’s doing the biting, you could perhaps apply something like bog myrtle essential oil mixed with light carrier oil to likely target areas of skin. The BM could help in repelling the beasties but some of them should stick to the carrier oil and die making later identification possible.
Hope you get sorted Pea, it all sounds so awful.

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