menstrual cup

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Re: menstrual cup

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Pumpkin&Piglet wrote:I see what you mean, probably best I have one of each and keep them for the specific jobs!

We are in VERY similar situations on the whole baby front. My second son is 8 months now and I've only recently had periods again. I'm still breast feeding and although I was trying to decrease it he seems, if anything, to want to increase. He's very attached to my breasts! Lol

We use a similar method of contraception to you so the threat of pregnancy is real (and scary just at the moment) but I refuse to use hormonal contraception any more

i did a test just to make sure and its negative! thank god! :lol:

i wouldnt worry about decreasing your breastfeeding, just let your baby have as much as he wants.

i breastfed my daughter until she was 2 and 1/2. by that time i was just feeing her in the morning when she'd crawl into our bed and help heself while i was still alseep!
after she was about 1 and 1/2 people were allways like "are you STILL breastfeeding!" which made me reluctant to do it in public, but by that time it was down to just morning and night, and only during the day to settle her to sleep if she was upset for whatever reason.
i think she only had 2 or 3 minor colds during that whole time, even though id get colds she was getting my antibodys and rarly got any symptoms. until she started nursary and shes has a permanant cold since then!

im planning on feeding my son the same way.
although by this time i my daughter was sleeping though the night. iv tried a few times to get him to sleep all night but he just keeps waking up and no matter how long i leave him he doesnt go back to sleep without breastfeeding. so i guess hes just not ready yet so i still feed him every 3 hours during the night. i have found though that since hes started solid food he is hardly breastfeeding during the day, even though i offer it to him regularly. so i guess hes making up for it at night time.
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