Home made hand cream?

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Home made hand cream?

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Does anyone make their own hand creams or moisturisers? I fancy giving it a go, have found a few recipes on the internet but wondered if anyone's got a good tried and tested version. The easier the better!
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Here's a recipe from www.fresholi.co.uk
its apparently a good one, i'm going to try it this weekend:

This is a lovely cream that has a slight greenish tinge from the natural hemp.

Phase 1: (75 degrees)

14ml Apricot kernel oil
10ml Natural Hemp oil
6g Mango butter
5g Emulsifying powder
2g Cetyl alcohol

Phase 2: (at least 75 degrees)

70ml Spring water (boiling)
3ml Glycerin

Phase 3: (35 degrees)

2ml Lecithin
3ml Vitamin E
Preservative (according to manufacturers instructions)

Phase 4: (25 degrees or below)

10 drops Rosemary
14 drops Lavender
Lactic or citric acid to balance pH

The lecithin is not vital (which is good because i have no idea where to get some...)

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