How do I travel?

The whole reason for the selfsufficientish website was to offer a place where anyone can ask, HOW DO I...? So who knows why it has taken us so long to have a HOW DO I? section, but here it is. So if you want to know how to do anything selfsufficientish then here is the place to ask.
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Re: How do I travel?

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I did'nt travel at all really when my kids were young.Mind you I was living in Australia then and travelling outside of Oz is very expensive.I think if my kids were your age(mine have grown and left the nest now)and we had been living in the UK,I would of definately travelled,but maybe not to Asian countries.I've been to India a few times,and I know people do,but I would'nt of taken my kids there when they were young.For one,we don't travel to the tourists areas,tend to shy as far away as possible,so that in itself could of been dodgy with young kids,especially if god forbid they fell ill.Time goes so fast hon,by the time you know it,your kids would have grown up and you'll be booking the tickets to Nepal!lol

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Re: How do I travel?

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Crickleymal wrote:Just a thought but might it not be better to take the children when they are a little older and able to appreciate what they are seeing? I doubt if I'd remember anything if my parents had taken me somewhere when I was 1. 4 or 5 maybe, but not 1.
It's not for the children's benefit that I want to go!!!

Being more serious I agree that they would remember and maybe appreciate it more if they were older but you don't have to remember something for it to have a positive affect on your life.

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Re: How do I travel?

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I just thought of something to be aware of - In a lot of Asian countries, white children (and black children too) are a bit of a novelty - so be aware that people might just come up to you and touch your child. Not in a 'wrong' way, they just want to feel their skin,

I know that sounds strange. I knew a couple a couple of years ago that had a white, blonde haired daughter. The Chinese old ladies all used to crowd round her and stroke her face and her hair because they were fascinated by her paleness.
I also know a bloke from Zambia who had old ladies rub his arms because they've never seen a black person and think that the colour will rub off...

Just something to be aware of if your children have any problems in that area.


Re: How do I travel?

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This could take some time.

Travel is very different from just going to a place to look it over, I have done both. No, it does not have to cost a lot.

The motorhome idea is a good one, this can be a self done conversion while you are planning your trip(s). Forget the old VW campers and get as big as you can handle, a web search will give you lots of encouragement. One of the drawbacks of Motorhomes is getting them from continent to continent, usually expensive and a bit of a risk. People do do it though and it still appeals to me.

Backpacking is not a good idea with small children, they will soon get fed up.

Working while you go is a bit of a gamble when you have your childrens well being at the top of your list, you will accept roughing it more than they will. You also have to keep your childrens education in mind. While a trip of any kind is an education for children they still need the formal bit.

Have you done any travelling?, if not start with a trip to Europe or North America. These places have lots to see and have the trappings of our culture. There are cheap flights to America and you can hire a car, or buy an old truck, throw some camping gear in and take off. An example of this type of approach is to be found on, look for their USA/Canada tour. Be safe about camping in a country that has wildlife that will kill you, such as Western Canada.

I worked with a guy that once did a several week African safari in the busses that they use, he met people in the travel industry and was offered good deals for years after. This is not practical for you as you have to pay for Four, not one.

Your best bet seems to be the car/camping or motorhome. You can drive from France to South Africa via Russia, China, Turkey etc. That is however, a long arduous trip. You could plan Five week trips, on the cheap of course, for the next few years, subject to your work, and take them in the school holidays.

Travel can always be done cheaply, that is sometimes the most enjoyable way to do it. Always look for the cheapest option and make the most of it. As an example, in the USA and Canada trains are a bit pricey, if you look at their specials pages you can save lots on most of their routes, you may need to modify your plans though.

Should I ever get the time and money again I would be motorhoming across Canada and Alaska for a few weeks.

Plan it loosely but plan it safely.


I forgot, look on the 'lonely planet' site and join the 'thorn tree' forum.

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